Episode 74: “Superb Owl Sunday”

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Mark Adam and Pat King discuss their picks, the eviction of local restaurants from Scotia Square’s food court, another Florida story, Halifax receiving a UFC event in October, and more!

Episode 73: “Omaha!”

Pat King and Mark Adam discuss how Canadians are losing their ability to cope with our weather, Peyton Manning’s “Omaha” calls, Ron Jeremy’s cover of “Wrecking Ball”, the movie “Her”, and more.

Episode 72: “The Cold Snap Collective”

Izzy Morin of the Cold Snap Collective joins Mark Adam and Pat King to discuss the Halifax based art collective’s upcoming event “Warm Up With the Cold Snap”. Also discussed is a doctor caught stealing and selling babies, the death penalty, a pay-per-minute Russian style café, what 200 calories of food looks like, an exorcism gone wrong, and more.

Episode 71: “Getting Cheesed Off”

Pat King and Mark Adam struggle without the help of Emily this week. They discuss vaccinations, cheese and new uses for it, NFL action, a guy who cut his own love muscle off because of a new drug, and MORE!

Episode 70: “Look where you live, idiot.”

Discussed today are the following: St. John’s vs Saint John, weird crimes, zombies, twitter users in Halifax, The Board Room Cafe, Drinking Quest and it’s creator, weird television shows, Metro Transit & Halifax tourism, Blizzardpocalyspalooza 2014, NFL Wildcard Weekend, nude locker room etiquette, and more. Cover your nuts and tune in.

Episode 69: “Goodbye UStream, Hello 2014″

Pat and Mark Adam discuss the new video stream, internet trolls, New Years plans, whether or not astronauts “duck face”, some haunted places, Florida (again), Military parking issues here in Halifax, New Years Resolutions, and more.

Episode 68: “Merry Christmas”

It’s Christmas time. Pat and Mark Adam hold down the fort until Emily dials in from Toronto via Skype. They discuss christmas plans and whatnot, then a whole SLEW of non-Christmas stuff.

Episode 67: “The Amazing Kids Episode”

Mark Adam and Pat King talk about the Halifax Shopping Centre’s gunman, how texting technology turned 21 this week, a leopard that protects a baby baboon, the Halifax Explosion and Pearl Harbour’s anniversaries, plus some awesome children that make you almost like kids… assuming you don’t already. Tune in.

Runtime  55m 57s

Episode 66: “Public Urination”

Discussed this week is how Mark Adam met Chris Hadfield, the film “Gravity”, how to pee in public, old Buddhist stuff, the changing of NHL broadcast rights, the price of internet and cell phones in Canada, knitting with vagina wool, how Florida has begun mocking Toronto, and a whole lot more. Have a listen.

Runtime  55m 48s

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Episode 65: “Low Energy”

Emily was here, but didn’t take notes. All three were running on low energy. This Day In History, gay NFL players, Jean Claude Van Damme, how to piss off your friends, and how Truro is the new Florida get discussed. Have a listen.

Runtime  55m 48s

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